We intend to use every avenue for marketing our products. These include, but not limited to:
  • Infomercials
  • Internet: Social Networks, Mass Mailing
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Printing
  • Retail
  • International sales
At this time, infomercials are in the making. In the USA alone there are 145,000 retail stores that could sell our product. Negotiations with some foreign countries' governments and business entities are in progress.

As owners of the international rights to FOLIUM PX we fully intend to be an aggressively effective player in the global Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) marketplace.

For more information about our business or marketing plan, please
contact us or fill out and submit the form on the Participate page.

Target Market

The annual U.S. nutritional supplement market is estimated at $85 billionB, in which some 62% of adults participate. When the global Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability movement (LOHAS) is considered, the overall market grows to $207B in annual sales of goods and services.


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